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Byte Elephats team is known as team of passionate professionals helping clients to manage and grow business with the help of advanced tech solutions.
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About Us

Byte Elephants Technologies Pvt. Ltd. briefed as BETs, is India based reputed technology company, focused
on delivering customized technology services and development of software products.

15+ Years of

Byte Elephants Technologies Pvt. Ltd. briefed as BETs, is India based reputed technology company, focused on delivering customized technology services and development of software products.

We drive BETs with the passion of developing solutions that will transform critical and time-consuming business processes into effortless, optimized and productive process with the help of appropriate and advanced software technologies in market.

Our wide range of services cover services related to, problem identification, solution conceptualization, drafting, system architecture design, scalable development, system implementation and providing dedicated support to developed solution.

Our mission , “to be support system of our customers to achieve their business goals, by providing best in class IT solutions”.

What do you expect beyond Technology from your IT Vendor?

Why Us?

Building and Delivering Tech Product is Not just The Work. Delivering Technology is just first step, BET's team belives in delivering beyond Technology, take the complete ownership of project & remain committed to deliver value to customer. Our customer appriciates us for :

  • Focused Team
  • Proactive Work Approach
  • Rightly Customized System
  • Timely Project Implementation
  • Flexible to Adopt Dynamic Business Needs
  • Dedicated Support to Maintain Business Spine

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We thank all of our customers to give us an opportunity to work on key challenges and help us to accomplish same!!

BETs has implemented a Centralised HRMS system for our 5 Plants across India. Before approaching to BETs We have tried with 2 to 3 branded solutions but it wont work out as expected and every now and then we were facing issues. After implementing BETs Mobile app Supportive HREasy Solution all processes get streamlined and now we are feeling in Complete Control over HR activties.

Qusai Khorakiwala - Director, Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

We have been working with the BETs team since 2017, initially when we met we were running our business on multiple MS Excel sheets. We were working very hard in those days. It's a very difficult task to bring our all business on one ERP, but Sumit and his team make this possible. I really appreciate their ability to grasp our business, ability to code as per our need and specially Prompt Support till the time.

Harshal Pahade - Director, KPPM, Pune

Hello Swapnil, Frankly speaking, I just know my business, Software and Technology is not my cup of tea. I don't understand IT but I know very well, with whom I should deal with, and you are one of them. I worked with many IT vendors in the past but I should tell you, the thing which differentiate you from others is your genuine approach and your genuine advice. I wish you all success, keep it up!!

Pretti Dubbal - Director, Savvy Water Plant, Pune

We always knew the Power of Automation and Necessity of a Cloud Based ERP System, but we stuck bcas of unavailability of Right IT Vendor. We were initially sceptical with BETs beacause of our previous experiences, but BETs Team has proved their metal and now successfully handling our entire ERP with 12 around mobile apps since 2016. BETs team's support is fantastic, today also we are continiously introducing automation in processes and moving ahead in a big way

Balaji & Nilesh Galdhar - CEOs, Galdhar Foods, Aurangabad

Implementing ERP at Patna location with the semi skilled resources was a tough challenge, but BETs team has done a fantastic job here. Today our entire plant is automated and work on BETs Bakery ERP System. We scaled from 7 Franchise to 100 Franchise very seamlessly with the help of BETs Solutions. Team is very supportive and agile to accomodate our needs.

Neil Satyam & Ranjan Kumar - Director, Devour Foods Pvt Ltd, Patna

We belongs to very unorganised sector, when we heard about ERP system it was pretty new to us. We were not so sure about ERP success in our domain but BETs team took up challenge and implemented ERP successfully, they train our people and make them capable of handling Mobile app supportive ERP. BETs ERP is giving a comprehensive picture of business and help us to overcome from redundant work and manpower attretion problems.

Gajanan Navale - Director, Gajanan Stone Crusher