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Distribution Management Solution

To Improve Sales Efficiency, Manage Your Distribution Channel Productively And BETs Help You To Manage Your Distribution Channel as Your Technology Backbone

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What We Offer

Features Of Dealer Distribution Management System

  • Distribution Profiles

    Categorize Customers Into Different Profiles - Distribution, Dealer , Stockist or Super Stockist. Also Maintain Data To Each Customer Profile Like Multiple Contracts, Deliveries, Credit Limits,Outstanding,Sales etc

  • Geographical Zones

    Adding zones to Our Distributions/Retailers Not Just Allows You To See The Spread of Your Network Clearly, but also Lets Your South Zone Sales Representative Manage Only the South zone Distributions and Retailers for a Smoother Distribution Management System.

  • Customer History replace With Cloud based Configuration Management System

    Entire ERP Is Cloud based And Configurable so Everyone in System Can Track their Sales, Purchase, Inventory from Anywhere, And User Can Configure the System as per their Own Need and Digitalized and Automate their Business

  • Mobile Access

    When your customer directory is on cloud, your sales reps can anytime get an inside view of customer’s location, pending payments, pending orders or any past complaints right from their mobile.

  • Distribution / Retailer Logins

    A login system is optional where you can allow your distributions/ retailers to get their personal logins and place orders, raise issues directly from their mobiles. Hassle free order taking is the key to more sales.

  • Inventory Levels

    Know right which Distribution holds how much inventory in which warehouse. Even better when Kapture CRM can auto send reminder messages to them for new orders when the inventory goes below minimum levels.

Distribution Management System

BETs Provides Distribution Management System Which Covers All layers of Distribution Network from Super Stockists to Dealers / Distributions

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Flexible,Customize and Completely Configurable Solution

BETs Provides Completely Dynamic Configurational System Which Applicable from Super Stockist to Distribution level
  • Dynamic Configuration Of Product, Price, Offers (Based on Sales Figures & History Event)
  • Multilocation And Multilevel Management Systems, And That System also Configure as Per Your Need, So Company Management Will Clearly See Spread of Their Network
  • Dynamic Access Rights Configuration as per Geographical Location and Position
  • Clear and Easy Reporting System
Configurable Solution
Inventory Is Key Of Profit

Distribution purchases

Inventory Is Key Of Profit

Strong Inventory Management is Key Of Profitability, Because If Any product Sitting on the Shelf for Longer Period, He Will Eats Your Profit Actually
  • Complete Supply Chain Visibility
  • From Super Stockists To Distributions Every One Can Track their live Stock and Generate Auto Ordering
  • System Will Provide Suggestion as Per Expiry of Product
  • Track Daily Stock Movement And Identify Fast Moving And Non Moving Product
  • You Can Get Real Time Insights and Manage Your Inventory at Your Fingertips

Catalog B2B Sales

Sales Is Key Of Every Business

Grow Your Sales By Improving Efficiency of Distribution and Dealer’s Operational Levels
  • Automate and Streamline the B2B And B2C Sales
  • Manage Global Business With Ease through Features like Friendly Dashboard, Mobile Apps,etc
  • GST Compatible Reports & MIS Reports for Analysis
Key Of Every Business
Order Management System

Secondary Sales

Order Management System

Automate Hard Process In Dealer/Distribution Network Will Help to Focus On Real Business
  • Facility to Configure Product Reorder Level and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) from Super Stockist to Distribution as Per Individual Inventory Cycle
  • Auto Order Generation / Notification,If Product Below Reorder / Minimum Level
  • Manual Order Generation Facility As well
  • Timely Based Order Management System, will help to improving efficiency of Production and Dispatch
  • Remove The Phone Calls, Man Power and Manual Error With Real-Time Product Status and Accurate Order

Online catalog for B2B sales

Your Customers Need Credit But you Need Control

Outstanding Amount Will Block Your Cash Flow
  • System Will Notify if Customer Exceeds Their Credit Limits or Credit Days
  • Facility To Block Billing / New PO Automatically If Customer Exceeds Their Credit Limits
credit Score


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