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BETs Ecommerce Platform
Superfast Tool To Go Online

Multi-Brand, Multi-Location businesses can be effectively managed with the help
of this platform. This platform is Customisable and Configurable as per your Unique needs.

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Key Features of a BETs eCommerce Platform

With BETs eCommerce System, you can Go Global Seamlessly. It empowers you to Scale Up your Business and Dream Big. You can build & promote your own Brand using BETs Platforms, without giving heavy cuts on your profit to anyone.

  • Brand Promotion

    Build & Promote Your Own Brand

  • Franchise Management

    Built to handle Multi-Level Network

  • Complete Ecosystem

    Mobile App Supported System

  • Payment Gateway Integrated

    UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, Netbanking, Cards Integreted

  • Offers & Discounts

    Facility to Create & Run Custom Offers

  • Locationwise Menu

    Order Location Based Product & Price Display

  • Detailed Product Info

    Product Showcasing with Minute Details

  • Wishlist

    Facility to Save Items in Wishlist

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly Product Filtering & Sorting

  • Complete Order Tracking

    From Purchase to Deliver Onsite Order Tracking

  • Business Promotion

    Mobile App, SMS, Email Based Push Notifications & Promotions

  • Return Management

    Order & Payment Return Process Mapping and Online Return Status

Brand Promotion - Build & Promote
Your Own Brand

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BETs Ecommerce Platform

Easy Login & Registration

Username & Password is Old method. Asking to fill in a lot of data to start using the app kills the UX.

Onboarding experience of customer, when he is new to website, should be very smooth and uncluttered. Easier access ensures good engagement and it translate into a higher conversion rate and sales volume.

We ensure the registration data, we are gathering, should be minimilastic and stored securely. You need not to relogin again n again and also not required to remember your password. No Headache Just Shopping Experience.

Easy Login & Registration
eCommerce system

BETs Ecommerce Platform

Get the Right Product in Seconds..

Superiority of eCommerce system lies with, facilities provided for enabling user to locate desired product. BETs eCommerce System gives you all needful options at One Place..

BETs eCommerse System allows Brand Owner to Customise & Configure Filters, their Sequence and Combinations as per their Business / Product Requirements to unleash the Full Potential of eCommerse System.

Multiple Dynamic Filters, Rate Filters, Main Categories, Sub Categories, Tags, Event Based Product Selection & Global Wild Search enables user to Get the Right Product in Seconds..


Cart Features

Empowering customer's purchase experience, giving them needful Flexibility with User Friendly Cart Features is an art while designing an eCommerse System.

BETs eCommerse System allows customers to realize their purchase in several stages. For example, a user can add a product to the cart on the go at any stage, and if they don’t want to proceed to checkout immediately, they can do it later. That way, adding products to the shopping cart once again isn’t necessary, ultimately it results in saving customers time.

Adjusting your eCommerce application to the preferences and behaviors of users is critical for its success. We are giving wishlist, flexibility in cart to add, edit, remove products till final purchase made, facility to cancel order and reclaim amount if paid in advance.

Cart Features
Location Specific Ordering


Location Specific Ordering

To scale business across nation is Challenging, increases Business Complexity and hence need a Capable & Location-wise Customisable System. Byte Elephants know exact Resolutions of these challenges...

BETs eCommerse System Architecture is built considering these scenarios hence you can mould the system as per your Business Strategy. System should be Empowering NOT Restricting.

Brands willing to have their Presence Across Nation need to introduce Regionwise Customisations / Variations in Ordering Menu, Offering Cost, Banners Covering Festive Seasons, Region & Season-wise Offers n Combos etc. You need to make sure your eCom System must have these features.


Powerful MIS & Business Upselling Tools

BETs eCommerce System Owners are Empowered with Intutive Dashboards and Strong MIS Reporting to get Complete Hold of Business with Necessary Key Figures & Indicators.

Business Analysis & Strong MIS Reporting System are the Real Extracts of entire Business Applications. It not just gives Business Status Insights but also Deliver Inputs for Future Business Leading or Corrective Strategies.

BETs Stakeholder-wise Dashboards, Graphical Reports, Data Analysis Reports in Excel & PDF for Representation and Further Processing Empowers Business Owners and Decision Makers.

Powerful MIS & Business Upselling Tools


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