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Mission to bridge Campus to Corporate Gap

Our Mission

Through the analysis of Successful Corporates we conclude that, a Successful Corporate only evolves when his Academic Excellence is supported by his Personality Traits and Soft Skills Mastery.

Byte Elephants Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (BETs) is a leading technology company, passionately involved in transforming the education domain via Training, Technology and Digitisation. We are seeing a Huge Demand for Skilled & Employable Human Resources, but we are also experiencing Deficiency of Supply. So we are on the Mission to Bridge Campus to Corporate Gap and to Bring Change.

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Learn from Leading Industry Experts

Knowledge isn’t Power UNTIL it is Applied. Experty over Skill is a Function of Consistent Application of Knowledge and Time. Hence we always recommend Learning from Leading Industry Experts.

We want to give students an opportunity to interact with Experts, who can answer their curious questions, share experiences, and direct them in a well Desired & Deserved Direction. Because we believe, Direction is more important than Speed in Life.

Learn from Leading Industry Experts

Courses We Are Offering...

Our Courses

Sr. Course Type Course Name Hours Beneficiaries
01 Life Coaching Student Orientation Course 06 Hrs Students
02 Life Coaching Leadership Development Course 06 Hrs Students
03 Life Coaching Entrepreneurship Development Course 10 Hrs Students
04 Life Coaching Personality Development Course 20 Hrs Students
05 Life Coaching Advanced Student / Teacher Orientation Course Based on 7 Vedic Ancestral Keys 30 Hrs Students / Teachers
06 Life Coaching Complete Personal Transformation By Mastering 15 Skills 60 Hrs Students / Teachers
07 Practical Skills Competitive Examinations Preparations and Success Tips 06 Hrs Students
08 Practical Skills Advanced Excel Training Course 10 Hrs Students / Teachers
09 Practical Skills Financial Literacy for Financial Freedom 10 Hrs Students / Teachers
10 Practical Skills Learn to Communicate Effectively 20 Hrs Students / Teachers
11 Practical Skills Campus to Corporate Comprehensive Training Coursey 30 Hrs Students
12 Practical Skills Complete Softskill Mastry Course Covering 25 Aspects 32 Hrs Students / Teachers
13 Technical Courses Ways after Computer Graduation / Post Graduation 10 Hrs Students
14 Technical Courses Microsoft SQL Server - Developer 10 Hrs Students / Teachers
15 Technical Courses The Complete C# Programming Course 30 Hrs Students / Teachers
16 Technical Courses Angular - The Complete Guide 45 Hrs Students / Teachers
17 Technical Courses React - The Complete Guide 60 Hrs Students
18 Technical Courses Full Stack Web Development - React or Angular (Any one), core API, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Deployment 120 Hrs Students / Teachers