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POS Management System & Software for dietary supplement, QSR & restaurant Industry

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Solutions We Provide QSR, Cafe & Restaurants POS Software
BET's is a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) management systems for the food industry. Our software solutions are designed to help businesses in the QSR POS Software, Cafe POS Software,dietary supplement, Restaurants POS Software billing software streamline their operations, manage inventory, and track sales to increase profitability.

Key Features of a BETs pos management system

While selecting Right POS System for your business, you must know What extras will help you Grow? BETs POS is an integral part of ERP system itself!

  • Mutli Store Management

    BETs Single Platform facilitates you to manage your Multiple Stores centrally. It will not just give you a Centralised Overview and Control but also it gives Seamless Business Scaling experience.

  • Quick Keys & Express Billing

    To managing rush hours efficiently BETs POS provides you Express Billing facilities, a Single Screen ordering platform, Weight & Rate calculator and Some quick keys for faster POS performance.

  • Multiple Payment Method & Split Payments

    For effective checkout and billing BETs POS is supported by facility to record Split Payments with Multi-Payment options available in market.

  • Auto Inventory Management

    In Multi-Store unit, Shopkeeper need not to enter Purchases. BETs POS is automatically managing your Inventory from your Ordering and Sales. Auto notifications sent by system in some critical / predefined inventory scenarios.

  • Customer Management

    BETs POS empowers brand owner with its all shop visited customers data. Analysing Customers Data, Purchase Trends, Sales Timing, Average Ticket Size and Purchasing Frequency is acually a Gold Mine.

  • Offers, Discounts, Loyalty Programs

    Upselling tools helps to boost business with right strategy. BETs POS have facility to define Multiple Offers, Discounts and Loyalty Programs. Smart Businesses use these tools for Business Scaling.

Auto Inventory Management


Auto Inventory Management

  • Manufacturing Plant Sales - Shop Auto Update
  • Batch Wise/MRP wise Stock
  • Fully Customizable Barcode Generation Facility
  • Recipe Management at POS Level
  • Auto Notification if Stock is Below Minimum Level
  • Dead/Slow Moving Stock Reporting and Management
  • Seperate Stock Maintainance of Brand Products & Local Purchase
  • Multiple Ways to Update Stock
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Auto Recommendations for Returned Items


POS - Point of Sale

  • Advanced and Fully Configurable POS system
  • Express Billing Facility
  • Single Screen Operations
  • Rate & Weight Calculator
  • Flexible Discounting and Promo Updates
  • Easy Exchange/Return Management
  • Display Item Images at POS
  • Category - Sub Category Items Display
  • Staff Management - Cashier/Shift System
  • Multiple Payment Modes & Split Payment Facility
POS - Point of Sale
BETs Reporting System


BETs Reporting System

  • Multiple Analytical Reports of Sales, Purchase, Stock
  • Pre-Configured Reporting Template
  • Intutive Dashboards & Graphical Reports
  • Email reports with Auto Report Mailer
  • Power Reports
  • Export to Excel/PDF


Loyality & Coupon

  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customer History attached with Customer Profile
  • Brand/Category wise membership packages
  • Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • OTP based Points and Coupon Redemption
  • Discounts in Predefined Range Only
  • Feedback Management System
Loyality & Coupon

We Believe ERP is a Service & We Are Best to Provide it

Building and Delivering Tech Product is Not just The Work. In our opinion Building Technology is just first step, BET's team belives in delivering beyond Technology, take the complete ownership of project & remain committed to deliver value to customer.

We serve POS Management System for QSR Industry, dietary supplement, restaurant billing software

POS Management System & Software for QSR Industry

A POS (Point of Sale) management system for the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry is a software solution that helps streamline restaurant operations and improve customer service. It typically includes features such as menu management, order taking, payment processing, inventory tracking, and reporting.
The QSR POS Software is known for its fast-paced environment, and a POS system can help restaurants keep up with the demand while providing excellent customer service. With a POS system in place, restaurants can track inventory levels in real-time, analyze sales data to identify trends and optimize menu offerings, and reduce errors and waste by automating order taking and payment processing.

POS System for Dietary Supplement:

A POS system for dietary supplement retailers is a software solution that helps manage the sales process and inventory for businesses that sell supplements. The system can track sales, inventory levels, and customer information, making it easier for retailers to manage their business.
Features of a dietary supplement POS system may include barcode scanning, automated inventory tracking, product categorization, customer loyalty programs, and reporting tools. Retailers can use the data generated by the POS system to optimize their inventory, identify best-selling products, and make informed business decisions.

Restaurant POS Billing Software:

A restaurant POS billing software is a system that helps restaurant owners and managers manage the billing process. The software can be used to track orders, calculate bills, accept payments, and generate receipts.
The software can also be used to manage reservations, track inventory levels, and generate reports on sales, expenses, and other key metrics. With a restaurant POS billing software, restaurants can streamline their billing process, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Restaurant POS System Content:

A restaurant POS system is a software solution that helps restaurant owners and managers manage their operations. The system can be used to take orders, process payments, track inventory, manage reservations, and generate reports.
Features of a Restaurants POS Software & system may include menu management, table management, employee management, customer management, and reporting tools. The system can be customized to meet the unique needs of a restaurant, and can be integrated with other software solutions, such as accounting and payroll software.
At BET's, we are committed to helping businesses in the food industry succeed. Our POS management systems are easy to use, customizable, and backed by our dedicated customer support team.

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